Meeting a Need in Our Jewish Senior Living Communities

Supportive brings together, in partnership, the principals of Supportive Home Health Care and the trusted Jewish Senior Life brand with their combined high standard of outcomes. By integrating in-residence certified skilled home health care with trusted, residential community expertise and Nurse Care Coordination, Supportive’s offering is distinctive.

Our Vision

To see the members of the senior community confidently maximizing their recovery and returning to their highest functional capability and performance.

Supportive is just that—

It looks to support the referring physicians, caregivers and families to best help seniors enjoy their fullest life through various rehabilitative therapies. Whether we provide services at a retirement residence or out in the community, our goalto maximize functional independence and wellness for seniors—is both simple and profound.

What shapes our work

We are committed to demonstrating compassion and excellence in all that we do to serve our patients. This mindset is put into action based on our core values that guide our daily activities.

These values include:

Expertise — We bring knowledge and experience to your specific situation

Initiative — We are proactive on your behalf

Innovation — We incorporate the newest approaches to help you recover

Empathy — We enter into your world with compassion to help you move forward

A word from our executive director

We recognized a growing need in our community for coordinated, high-quality home health care. Supportive HHC is our response to this need. Our Medicare-certified care providers work with seniors in their homes, whether they live in a retirement community or not. We believe we can help to benefit any seniors and others in the community that might require our services through our unique approach to home health care, complimented by our awareness of the needs of senior populations. If you or a loved one is in need of such care, we hope you will choose us to be your support.

Tammy Kieling, RN/ Executive Director


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